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November 4, 2012 / Matt Larson

This is who we are (Anthem TO)

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This morning at Anthem, we’ll be talking a bit about one component of who we are. We are a mobile church. What that means is that every week, we tow trailers, set up, tear down and tow again. We rent our facilities from 2 School districts and a boys and girls club. Our “rent” is money that is sown into the community, helping to fund programs and community work. We like that. We also like the fact that meeting in “public” locations, like schools, is often more comfortable for people who are finding their way back to God to attend than something like a church building.

While we recognize that mobile church may not be our permanent state, we also recognize that it is what God has for us right now. This is a part of who we are.

Because of the mobile nature of the church, we have a higher need for people to contribute in a physical way on a consistent basis. The classic church model is that 20% of the people do 80-100% of the work. Being mobile prohibits that from being an option. We simply need more people to contribute in more ways if we are to continue doing ministry in the way that we do it.

In Thousand Oaks, the way we gather on a weekly basis requires a volunteer base of 186 roles giving an average of 2 hours a month. We currently have about 80 people filling those 186 roles, many people serving upwards of 10-20 hours a month.

My hope is to share the responsibility of ministry and to invite more people to be a part of making Anthem Church happen. We are asking everyone who calls Anthem Church their home, to contribute on a Sunday at least once a month. We recognize that there is a huge amount of ministry that happens outside of Sunday, and we appreciate the commitments that many of you have made to serving in those ways. This is specifically presenting the Sunday roles and asking you all to help fill them. If everyone who calls Anthem Church their home commits to serving 1-2 times a month, we would have an abundance of help, easy rotations, and the ability to serve our brothers and sisters who have been serving diligently by giving them the opportunity to participate in worship together with the body.

Our team leaders for the Sunday needs that we have are

Jenny Haseth and Sarah Coleman for Anthem Kids

Ryan Hinkle and Mary Hawblitzel for First Impressions (Setup, Tear Down, Coffee, Welcome, Greeters)

Ryan Hinkle for producing/tech

If you missed being at Anthem Church today (Sunday, Nov 4th), watch the video and contact one of our directors to get involved in serving. Thank you for calling Anthem Church home and for seeing God continue to stir us to greater mission!


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