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June 3, 2013 / Matt Larson

Jeremy’s baptism

I got to baptize my son this morning… Quite possibly one of the greatest experiences a dad can have. This is the story that Jeremy put together with a bit of help from me and Kristen. I was so proud of how he had wrestled with his own faith and how he came to believe in Jesus! Here’s his story for those that weren’t able to be there!

Jeremy’s story

The first time I heard about Jesus, I was 4 years old. I was at Anthem and I came into the big room to hear my dad preach. After that, I started hearing more about the Messiah, that he would come to earth and he would wash away all of our sins. That sounded good to me because I had lots of sins that needed to be washed away. When I was born I had sin and then I kept on sinning again and again (I could say again for hours). But the Messiah (Jesus) showed people that he was God, and when he died on the cross God put all my sin on Jesus. So now I can live a holy life because Jesus died for me. I want to be baptized because God is ready for me to get baptized and I’m ready to obey him.

Being baptized is telling all of you that I truly believe in God, it’s also showing you all that I died with Jesus, and rose up just like he did to live a new life. So now, I still struggle with sin and bad dreams, but now I pray and I ask God for forgiveness when I sin and courage when I am afraid. God has given me the belt of truth, the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation for when I’m scared and feeling like Satan is attacking me. I am thankful for God giving me a perfect family that I love and who will pray for me and read the Bible to me. They help me understand the Gospel and they keep reminding me that God loves me. Lily always reminds me that God loves me.



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  1. BaptismalGownsPlus / Jun 4 2013 4:11 am

    What a wonderful post – thank you Jeremy for sharing it with everyone! And congratulations dad – clearly your family and your teachings went a long way to raise such a wonderful son.

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